mobilized companies
in circular economy



10 supramunicipal entities and 21 counties adhered to Udalsarea 2030


people are part of the change of the new Ekoetxea network


young people with practical training in circular economy


cross-cutting and collaborative projects following the approval of the first Basque Country Soil Protection Strategy


innovative projects regarding the adaptation to climate change - Klimatek

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Arantxa Tapia Otaegi
Minister of Economic Development, Sustainability and Environment of the Basque Government.
President of Ihobe, Public Society for Environmental Management.

Accelerating the transition process to achieve a more sustainable Basque Country

The Basque Government develops its own roadmap to achieve an economic model in which industry and technology are the main axes for the climate and energy transition. The Green Pact of the Basque Country is a firm commitment to the circular economy, technology, science and support to local administrations to achieve greenhouse gas reduction and adaptation to climate change.

During 2022 Ihobe has contributed to such objectives with actions such as the elaboration of the Soil Protection Strategy with a comprehensive approach, or the deployment of Erreminta-Gida, the service charter with all the tools and services intended for city halls and regional entities to accelerate the required climate and energy transition.

From these lines I invite you to know the main milestones reached by Ihobe in 2022.

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Alexander Boto Bastegieta
CEO of Ihobe, Public Environmental Management Company. Basque Government.

Circular economy for a more sustainable Basque Country facing the challenge of climate change

The memory of Ihobe 2022 is a reflection of the great challenge that entails dealing with the current climate emergency. The Basque Circular Summit has confirmed that the circular economy and eco-innovation are key tools for the decarbonisation of Basque industry. However, the climate and energy transition would be impossible without climate action projects such as Life Urban Klima and the impulse and determination of the local administration that during 2022 has celebrated the 20th anniversary of Udalsarea 2030, the Basque network of sustainable municipalities.

At Ihobe, we believe that this is the only way, from the sum of people and efforts, we will achieve the environmental improvement of the Basque Country.

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entities consider acting or modifying decisions based on knowledge provided by Ihobe through its tools.

30 millions

of € from third parties mobilised in the sectoral integration of environmental policy.


of reduced greenhouse gases.


tons of waste and land to be reintroduced into the economy.


advanced knowledge tools for decision-making (publications, viewers, methodologies, technical guides, etc.).


millions of € mobilized in green public purchase.

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Ihobe and
environmental communication

At Ihobe we believe that quality environmental communication is key for society to move forward on the path of sustainability.


Ihobe's main achievements and progress throughout 2022. Highlights include Ihobe's ongoing support to the development of new environmental legislation and planning for sustainability.